A Fractured Spring



The sweet inviting scent of fresh new Spring air and soft cool breeze had you running free in the open field. A small flickering kite followed behind and soft new grass tickled your bare feet.

Back and forth and back and forth you ran with your little brother. Giddy cheers and laughter filled the air and invited your father to join in on your fun.

Out of breath and with rosy cheeks you retired to our nesting spot. Cool water on hot faces with back rubs following long chases. And as the sun set, we packed up with tired breath, ready to head home to dinner, to rest.

With the moon light as our guide, we crossed the field to head home but as you ran to catch up to us you stepped on uneven ground, a divot, and fractured 3 of your toes.

The tears, the pain, the heartbreak, oh my sweet child. You're glued to a fashion boot for a month at the very least and you're finding that being taken care of by all of us is a very nice thing indeed. Extra cuddles, extra snacks, extra goodies, you do not lack.

Your immobility keeps you in bed or in your dads office chair; occupied with school work, Netflix, and gaming - and some practice making YouTube videos. Everyone must have a channel these days. It's a new law I think.

1 week down, 3 weeks to go.


(for memory sake, you fractured your toes on 4/10)


Pregs for Days


When it's your final attempt at a healthy full term pregnancy (secondary infertility is a bitch) and the road to get there was an ugly emotional roller coaster ride - you do things like take a million photos of the little things (that are actually big deals to you) and write little notes about how grateful you are to have back and muscle pains to complain about.

And maybe wear the same Pregs for Days Tshirt for 80% of the pregnancy.

And take a mini family vacation a week before you're due to relax with the family and get some one on one time with your kids & husband before everything changes.

And breathe in the fresh rainy scent, walk barefoot in the puddles, feed the pigeons, watch the crowds of people enjoy their day, and listen to the kids running and laughing with one another.

Yeah, you do things like that.